Fishing Gear
FT Ltd., Specialists in Commercial Fishing Equipment
FT Ltd., a subsidiary of the FTI Group, specializes in the manufacture & export of professional fishing equipment from the Far East. By virtue of nearly 15 years experience in Asia, we have been able to establish strong relationships with numerous manufacturers and are ideally positioned to ensure our high standards.

We can supply whatever fishing equipment you may require; Nylon Monofilament or Multifilament fishing nets, Multi-Monofilament fishing nets, PE netting (twisted or braided), PP,  Knotless nets (both Raschel and non-Raschel), Purse Seine nets, Trawl nets, Gillnets, Fully Mounted nets, Pre-assembled Trammel nets, fish farming cages, traps, twine, rope, floats, etc.  


If it’s needed for commercial fishing, we can supply it.

Everyone knows SE Asia is definitely the place to buy. But the world’s commercial fishing net manufacturing center can be a confusing place with literally dozens of fishing net factories located in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. Some Asian manufacturers produce excellent quality netting and twines with prompt delivery. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for others. In addition, while one factory may specialize in Nylon Monofilament nets or Nylon Multifilament, another may be best for PE. It’s difficult to be sure…and too costly to be wrong.
FT Ltd. maintains offices in the region, not 1000’s of kilometers away. We meet with the factories on a regular basis and know their strong points. So why hassle with all the language problems, travel, and production considerations? FTI handles all that so you can concentrate on what you need to do, whether that be fishing or selling.

Your business, big or small, is important to us. Please feel free to contact us regardless of the size of your order.  While manufacturing and exporting considerations may prohibit very small quantities, for smaller orders we can direct you to one of our many customers worldwide