Providing SOLUTIONS for the 21st Century

The 21st century has seen a revolution in the way business is conducted. Email has replaced the fax. Overnight courier services have made regular airmail seem obsolete. Everyone now expects answers instantly but while communication has improved, there is still nothing that can replace personal relationships, that face to face meeting, dinner and conversation.


Unfortunately the new century has also brought many new challenges as well. The cost of fuel has made airfares skyrocket. Airlines have canceled or cut scheduled flights, resulting in crowded airports and planes. The threat of terrorism has made the simple process of check-in, Customs and Immigration both time-consuming and an enormous hassle, not to mention jetlag and 1-3 weeks out of the office. Business travel is no longer pleasant


During the last 2 decades, our customers have requested services beyond simple ordering & shipping. These needs have included consolidation of goods from different factories and countries, sourcing of new products and when satisfactory products were not available, product development of something totally new and improved. Due to our permanent presence in the Far East, we have been able to expand the scope of our business services in order to meet these ever-changing needs.


FTI now represents international clients locally, saving you the time, trouble and expense of long-haul flights from the USA, Europe, South America or Africa to the Far East. We meet with our clients at least once a year, more if required, to know you, your product, your business and your concerns. And we meet with the factories on a regular basis, not every one or 2 years. In a prefect world, there would be no problems but we all know mistakes can and do happen. And when they do, you want straight talk, you need to know the extent of the problem, and most important, that the problem will be resolved. As a European owned and managed company, FTI understands your need for direct communication, straight talk, and problem solving. From our base in Bangkok it is only a quick 4 hour flight to Shanghai, 2 hours to Singapore, 2 1/2 to Manila. Large multi-national firms know the value of having representative offices around the world… now your company can too at a fraction of the cost.